What is UBNT?

Ubiquiti NetworksUBNT is a US brand that manufactures wireless network devices. UBNT, also called Ubiquiti Networks, was founded in 2011 in Silicon Valley. The founder of the UBNT brand is Robert J. Pera. Pera is an electrical engineer who grew up in Silicon Valley and specialized in digital communications and circuit design. Apple Inc. Pera started her first business with her firm and has worked under the FCC to facilitate access to and increase the communication network of devices, in areas without telephone and Wi-Fi access. The experience with Steve Jobs has opened a new horizon to Pera and decided to develop low-cost, high-performance WiFi modules. Foundations of UBNT were laid in 2005 with this idea. The aim was to deliver Wi-Fi technology to rural areas through wireless access infrastructure.

The UBNT brand currently used in many parts of the world, from point to point transfer to point to multi-point, from the communication of network equipment between points, to the wireless communication of IP phones, from the wireless collection of security cameras to the transfer of these data over long distances. is a brand that has proven itself in many issues. Under the UBNT brand, products are available for long distance (100 km), megabit speed to gigabit speed for every purpose. In addition to these, UBNT has proven itself with access point products, office, hotel, school, hospital, etc. With the management software that provides the internet requirement at the points where the users are very high and the distribution of the load distribution among the users, the users get quality internet access without breaking the network.