What is TCP 3 Way Handshake

TCP or TCP/IP is the most used protocol on the internet. It is not only most used but also most secure. I have already explained to you what is TCP and how it works? In this article let’s discuss TCP 3 way handshake. It is also called 3 handshakes, TCP handshake but a handshake is common everywhere.

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What is a 3-way handshake?

When any computer or net-enabled device tries to connect to any server or device to the port running on TCP then the connection will be established after three steps and so it is called TCP 3 way handshake.

How does it work?

The client sends SYN(Sync) packet to connect to the server and if that port is open on the server then the server sends reply packet ACK(Acknowledgement) including SYN packet and again client sends the ACK packet to confirm that server SYN packet was received. Now TCP connection was established. Now the server and the client can communicate

This process is repeated whenever you want to connect it to any TCP port and that too only if you are making a fresh connection.