What are the Basic Huawei Router and Switch Commands?

Before starting the routing and switching issues, it is useful to learn the basic configuration commands first. The operating system running on Huawei routers and switches is called VRP (Versatile Routing Platform).

Switches and routers are opened by default in user-view mode at first boot. In this mode, basic settings can be made, display commands can be used and operating system settings can be viewed. When working in user-view mode, the workspace will appear within the <> sign.

In order to make a more extensive configuration on the devices, it is necessary to switch to system-view mode, which is known as a privileged mode. You can go to the configuration area with the system-view command. While operating at the configuration terminal here, the workspace will be displayed in square brackets [].

Now we will see some of these commands.

  • ?: indicates available parameters.
  • tab: The command can be completed by pressing the tab key.
  •  quit: returns to the previous workspace.
  •  return: Switches to user-view mode. Ctrl + Z a key combination can also be used.
  •  undo: used to activate the function. It is the same as the no command in Cisco.
  •  shutdown: is the shutdown command.
  •  sysname: Used to give the device name (hostname).
  •  display: is the display command. It cannot be used alone. The parameter comes after the command.
  •  display this: shows the configuration running in your area.
  •  display current-configuration: shows the running configuration.
  •  display saved-configuration: shows the initial configuration.
  •  save: saves the running configuration to the initial configuration.
  •  reset saved-configuration: reset the initial configuration.
  •  reboot: reboots the device.
  •  header login information: writes the first welcome message when connected to the device.
  •  header shell information: writes the message after logging on the device.

Let’s learn some of the main commands used in file and directory operations now:

  •  dir: Used to display directories and files.
  • mkdir: Used to create directories.
  •  rmdir: Used to delete directories.
  •  more: used to display the contents of the file.
  • cd: used to change directory.
  •  copy: used to copy files.
  •  move: used to move files.
  •  delete: used to delete files. The deleted file is stored in the trash.
  •  undelete: Used to recover the deleted file.
  •  reset recycle-bin: delete files in the trash.

For now, we have seen the main commands used in devices with mainly Huawei routers and switches. We will see more detailed configurations in the future.
I hope it was a useful article.