UniFi – How to Set Traffic Bandwidth Limits



Readers will learn how to set traffic shaping parameters to manage bandwidth in UniFi networks. Bandwidth management is important to maintain a functional network while preventing traffic işlevsel bottlenecks Bant. UniFi allows operators to set up traffic shaping in the control unit for users. Traffic shaping policies can be applied to groups in Layer-2 (for example, SSID, VLAN), or for individuals (for example, WLAN client 28, WLAN client 99).

NOTES and REQUIREMENTS:   These limits apply to the WLAN UniFi Access Point, so this article only applies to wireless clients. Currently, traffic shaping cannot be done to customers with wired forming via the UniFi Controller.


How to Determine Group-Based Limits


1. To set up traffic shaping/bandwidth management for multiple customers on an UniFi network,  go to Settings>  User Groups on the UniFi Controller. User groups are listed in this section. Each user group uses certain bandwidth limits for both upload/download. The default will be unlimited download and installation.


UniFi - How to Set Traffic Bandwidth Limits
UniFi – How to Set Traffic Bandwidth Limits


2.  Click  Create + New User Group to create a  new User Group.

3. Type the name that you want to use for this group and the bandwidth limit you want to download and download. If you do not check boxes to limit bandwidth, this User Group will have unlimited bandwidth




NOTE:   Bandwidth limit values ​​are limited to 0-102400 Kbps or 0-102.4 Mbps.

4.   Click Save.

How to Determine User-Based Limits

User groups can also be applied manually per client station, regardless of which WLAN they participate in. By doing this:

1.   Access the Clients tab

2.   Click the desired customer name to open the Properties panel.

3. In the Properties panel, select Configuration.

4. Select the desired User Group from the drop-down list.


UniFi - How to Set Traffic Bandwidth Limits
UniFi – How to Set Traffic Bandwidth Limits


How to Apply User Group Limits to a Wireless Network


User group configurations can be applied to a specific wireless network, so any user participating in the WLAN is limited to User Group settings. This can be done as long as it is configured in WLAN. By doing this:

1.    Go to the Wireless Networks tab.

2.   Click Create a New Wireless Network.

3.  Add a Name and other configurations that you want.

4.   Under Advanced Options, select the User Group that you created earlier.

5.  Click Save.