Ubuntu Google Chrome Setup and Solution to Logon Problem

Google Chrome Setup

Let’s do step by step how to install google chrome from the command line terminal in Ubuntu. As a shortcut, open the terminal window with Ctrl + Alt + T command. Next, let’s install the following code according to whether our operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit.

Code to be used for the 32-bit operating system;

Code to be used for those with operating system 64-bit;
I will install it because my operating system is 64-bit.


After downloading our file, we will proceed with the installation process with the following command. This will ask us for the administrator password. After entering the password, we can continue our operation.

If the installation process is finished without any error, we can start Google Chrome by entering the following command in the terminal.

Sign In Problem Solving

There are some minor problems with language definitions that you may encounter in some applications in Ubuntu. You need to sign in to sync in Google Chrome. Because of the language issue, it is not signed in. To solve this, the problem is solved when we write the code below to the terminal.

After entering this command, Chrome will open. You can now log in via this application that opens.

I hope it was a useful article.