Ubiquiti UAP Adoption Failed


In this article, we will examine the Unifi Adoption Failed Problem which is a common problem.

I will talk about the access points that are not adapted to the unifi controller (Unifi Adoption Failed Problem) in Ubnt unifi access points that we frequently encounter in corporate networks.

Normally the Ubnt Unifi access point and controller should be automatically adapted if they are on the same network, but in some cases, it doesn’t adapt if you’re on the same network, even though options such as antivirus and firewall are turned off. (I’m still not able to solve some of the reasons that we are able to make Unshift ssh saves us from this situation.) With ssh, we can perform manual adaptation.

First, you need to know the IP address that the Unifi access point receives. You can use the Unifi discovery program to learn the threads. Then we can start the adaptation process by performing the following operations. I used putty as a utility.

If it has never been adapted before, the default ssh username and password are ubnt, ubnt. If it has already been adapted, the user name and password you defined in the interface are valid.


Unifi Adoption Failed Problem, After logging in with SSH and typing help command on the screen that meets us a few parameters appear. With the set-inform command we will use the manual adaptation process (here is detailed information on how to use the command) on which computer unifi controller is installed and IP information after taking note.

Unifi failed, as shown in the picture, follow this command. here we write the IP of the machine on which the Unifi controller is installed.

When we call set-inform it will come with controllers attached.

I hope it has been a useful article.