Top 10 Operating Systems Hackers Use!

Many users have a problem to choose the operating system, while many don’t want to change, Hackers have problem with their pre-installed Windows operating system.

Now its time to pause window and switch to some more advanced operating system for ethical hacking, pentesting. Weakness in the operating system is best for a hacker to gain access, while open source makes the operating system to run at a better cost.

Remember ethical hackers can only fight with another black hat when they are on the same platform.

Here are Top 10 Operating Systems Hackers Use :

Kali Linux


The advanced version of BackTrack, Kali distro is top on the list of an operating system for hackers. With about 600+ integrated pen testing tools which make rich security. This operating system and software inbuilt are updated regularly. Vulnerability detection, Web application testing, social engineering toolkit, the, etc feature makes Kali be most different from other operating systems.

Download Kali Linux.



The Ubuntu-based operating system, BackBox is mostly focused on a security assessment. The wide range of tools inside BackBox such being used for web application analysis, network analysis, etc. BackBox comes with a complete desktop environment which is easy to use by any beginner hackers. The software of the operating system is regularly updated.

Download BackBox Linux

Parrot Security OS


This operating system is cloud-friendly which is designed for ethical hacking, pen testing, computer forensics, cryptography, etc. This is a lightweight operating system with highly efficient speed and performance. You can use the unique anonymous feature in the operating system for surfing anywhere. It is a mixture of Kali Linux and Frozen box OS. The operating system comes with a powerful interface.

The operating system comes with strong community support and a highly customized desktop GUI.

Download Parrot Security OS

Samurai Web Testing Framework


Samurai Web Testing Framework is a live Linux environment that comes with pre-configured to work as a web pen-testing platform. This is generally a framework to work with which contains multiple free and open source hacking tools for detecting vulnerabilities in websites. Samurai is the best operating system for web application testing.

Download Samurai Web Testing Framework

Pentoo Linux


Pentoo Linux is pen testing operating system which is available in 32 and 64-bit installable Live CD. Pentoo Linux is based on Gentoo Linux. This XFCE-based distro comes with persistence support that allows users to save all the changes make before running off a USB stick.

The variety of tools for categories involved Exploit, Cracker, Database, Scanner, etc.

Download Pentoo Linux

DEFT Linux


DEFT stands for Digital Evidence and Forensic Toolkit. DEFT is based on Ubuntu and built around the DART (Digital Advanced Response Toolkit) software. Many forensic tools and documents integration into the operating system makes work easy for ethical hackers, penetration testers, IT security specialists and anyone.

Download DEFT Linux



Caine is available as a live disk based on Ubuntu. Caine stands for Computer Aided Investigation Environment and can also be run from the hard disk after installation. It helps you in forensics. It comes with a large number of database, memory, forensics, and network analysis applications.

Caine operating system includes web browsers, email clients, documents editors, etc for computing.

Download Caine

Network Security Toolkit (NST)


NST is Fedora-based Linux distro. Network Security Toolkit is available in 32 and 64-bit. The live CD is available for network security application and pen testing purposes. This easy-to-use hacking distro easily converts the x86 systems into an ethical hacking machine that is helpful in intrusion detection, network traffic sniffing, network packet generation, and host scanning. The whole network scanning through NST is basically very simple to use.

Download Network Security Toolkit

BlackArch Linux

BlackArch Linux is a complete Linux distribution for security researchers and hackers. BlackArch Linux is constantly growing repo for hacking purposes and This Linux comes with more than 1400 tools that are thoroughly tested before being added to the codebase.

Download BlackArch Linux



Bugtraq is famous for the electornic mailing list that is purely dedicated to security. The issues that are covered are vulnerabilities discussion, security-related, methods to hack using the exploit. The team consists of experienced hackers and developers.

Bugtraq is built on many of pen testing tools which include forensic tools, malware testing, network testing, and software testing.

Download Bugtraq