To Establish Control of the Windows SDK Programming

I. Overview
Control is a child window, they are already defined window class, so there is no need to register, do not need to write the message processing function.
WM_CREATE message in the main window, create a child window can be.
Second, the instance


Fourth, control and collaboration of the parent windowThird, on the WM_CREATE message
The WM_CREATE lParam parameter will be passed into a set-up information structure pointer (LPCREATESTRUCT). The structure contains some useful information (when the window to create a parameter).

1 action control, will be made to the parent window to send a notification message WM_COMMAND.

Parent window requires different controls to the control of a control message.Addition to WM_COMMAND, each control there may be other notification messages (WM_DRAWITEM).

Advance should be recorded under the control handle, or ID Retrieves the handle
(3) Note:
A notification message code of the various controls and control messages may be

(3) special windowRichard.
Control class name ”
1. Standard controls
Button: button ComboBox: composite frame EDIT: Edit the LISTBOX: list RichEdit: Rich Edit version 1.0
RICHEDIT_CLASS: Rich Edit version 2.0
Scrollbar: scroll bar static: static
2 shell with common controls
Note: the establishment of initialization InitCommonControlsEx

The the MDIClient: MDI client area of ??the window