Tags in HTML5-part3

HTML5 we continue where we left off.

<strong> tag

It is one kind of text formatter used to bold the text.

<style> tag

The HTML <style> tag is used for declaring style sheets within your HTML document.

<sub> tag

The HTML sub tag is used for subscript text

<summary> tag

The HTML <summary> tag indicates a rundown/subtitle that can be utilized related to the HTML5 <details> tag. This synopsis/inscription can be tapped on to summary/caption  the points of interest as required.

<table> tag

The HTML <table> tag is utilized for characterizing a table. The <table> tag contains different labels that characterize the structure of the table.
<td> tag :
Table Definition –used to define table header.
<tr> tag 
Table row –Used to specify the start and end of each row in a table.

<textarea> tag

The HTML textarea component enables the client to enter in excess of one line in the textbox. The inputbox ought to be fittingly coded with the stature and width of the textbox.

<tfoot> tag

<tfoot> tag is used to group the footer content in the HTML table.They should be used along with the <thead> and < tbody> .
<thead> tag 
<thead> tag is used to group the header elements in the HTML table.

<time> tag

The HTML <time> tag is used for declaring the date and/or time within an HTML document.

<title> tag

The HTML <title> tag is used for declaring the title, or name, of the HTML document.This would normally appear at the browsers title bar.

<video> tag

The HTML5 <video> tag is used to specify video on an HTML document. For example, you could embed a music video on your web page for your visitors to listen to and watch.