Step-by-Step Installation of Zabbix with Mikrotik

In our article, we will see how to install Zabbix step by step.
1- First you need to install a Linux machine installed on the virtual machine.
2- This is a Zabbix from your own site on the Linux machine
download the required file. I have downloaded version 3.2.6 VirtualBox, VMWare (.vmdk) to try it for example.
3- We look at the internet IP of our Mikrotik device, eg via ether 2 below. The reason we learn this is to provide access to our Mikrotik router via Zabbix.



4- In this step, we look into the SNMP file that we created with text and then add it to Zabbix. Zabbix Linux username appliance password Zabbix.



5- In this step, we enable the SNMP port of the Mikrotik router’s SNMP settings. We are also entering the IP address of our Zabbix driver in the SNMP Trap Target section. For example, we looked at the IP address of Zabbix ifconfig and We’re writing this in the Trap section, so we’ve got the Zabbix to communicate with our router.



6- In this step Zabbix we run the command below, we provide some data to the router installation.


7- In this step, Zabbix is now installed and we can now access it via the web. Also, the Zabbix default user name and password are Admin, the admin. Here we see how to install the host in Zabbix.



8- Finally, we see the template insertion part when creating the host.


I hope it has been a useful article.