Router modes of operation

1. Client EXEC mode


This is the LOWEST level of access. This permits examination of switch status, see steering tables and do some diagnostics. Be that as it may, you can’t change the switch arrangement, see the setup documents, or control the switch in any capacity. The provoke in this mode is “Router>”.


2. Privileged (enable) EXEC mode


This mode enables you to have every one of the benefits of EXEC (client) mode in addition to directions that empower you to see setup records, change the switch arrangement, perform investigating that could possibly disturb movement. The default provokes for this mode is “Router#”.

When you are working in the favored mode (at # incite), To exit advantaged EXEC mode and come back to client EXEC mode, or to exit to a lower benefit level, enter the handicap EXEC order. That is “incapacitate” at the “#” incite.

Empower/Disable - Enables or Disables favored executive mode.


3. Global configuration mode


enables you to perform undertakings that influence the whole switch, for example, naming the switch, setup of standard messages, empowering directed conventions, and by and large anything that influences the activity of the whole switch.

When you first switch on a switch, you enter Setup mode. Setup mode is not the same as design mode in that setup mode shows up when there is no arrangement record present. After entering setup mode, you can supply some essential arrangement parameters to the Cisco switch.

Distinctive switch modes are clarified in beneath fig.