RHEL / CentOS: Youtube Video Cache With Squid and Nginx

On this occasion, we will discuss the process of installing Youtube Video Cache with Squid and Nginx on RHEL / CentOS where in previous writings more often used Ubuntu server in terms of creating a proxy server, but this time we will use OS Linux RHEL / CentOS 6 where to further explore our knowledge (I am personally) in terms of Linux networking: D. However, if you are still using the proxy world (ubuntu server), maybe this is one alternative in making proxy servers on RPM-based machines.
Install the packages needed in the squid installation process:

Configure Squid with the following parameters:

Add and unlock Squid user password:

Add the epel repository to install nginx:

The installation and backup process for squid.conf and nginx.conf configurations:

Download examples of squid.conf and nginx.conf configurations from techsoftcenter google code:

Set ownership of folder/cache access, build squid folder, disable iptables and set so that Squid can run when the system is turned on:

add the following configuration rc.local:

Disable SELinux:

set disable selinux

Run the nginx service and set the folder parameters that nginx has:

Restart your proxy machine