Resetting the UniFi Access Point to Factory Settings

In this article, Unifi Reset will try to explain how to restore an UniFi Access Point to factory settings in different ways. I will explain the options of UniFi Network Controller software, SSH and physical reset and reset options. This article applies to all UniFi Access Points models and versions; the position of the reset button on each different model may vary. See the specific Quick Start Guide for each product to find it.

Note: Regardless of the method used, do not disconnect the device during the reset process.

UniFi Network Controller Reset
Unifi Reset

If Ubnt is accepted by the UniFi Controller, it can be reset from the controller. Do this with Forget the device.

  • Log in to the UniFi Network Controller. On the Incoming Devices page, click the UAP that you want to reset. This will open the Properties panel.
  • Select the Configuration tab and click Manage Device to expand it.
  • Then click the Forget button. UniFi deletes the entire configuration and history of the device and effectively resets it.

SSH Reset

Unifi Reset

Access Ubnt UniFi UAP with SSH and enter once,


Issue the command and press Enter. UAP must be restarted quickly with the factory default settings. Note that you do not disconnect the UAP from the power supply during this process.

Physical Reset                                                                                            Unifi Reset

There is a Reset button on the back of Ubnt UniFi UAP. Used to reset the UAP to the factory default settings. You can reset your UniFi device with the help of a paperclip.

Perform Unifi Reset;

  • With the AP connected press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds.
  • Release the button (the LEDs on the UAP will remain on).
  • Unifi Disconnects the UAP from the power supply during the device reboot.
  • UAP will restore the factory settings.

When the white LED (or the yellow LED, depending on your model) reappears and remains constant, you can start the UAP adjustment once again.


Troubleshooting: Why Does UAP Not Reset?

If you have tried to reset Ubnt UniFi UAP, and after several attempts, the device has not been reset to the factory default settings, please follow these steps to troubleshoot:

Firmware Problem

  • Be sure to try more than one of the methods described in this article and follow each step carefully.
  • Consider the LED models of the UAP when attempting to recover. See the Related Articles below for more information.
  • Ping on to see if the device is turned on.

Hardware problem

  • Remove the cables and the PoE injectors.
  • Ping on to see if the device is turned on.

I hope it has been a useful article.