Open Source Testing Tools in Java

Testing is a crucial step in the app development cycle. The app needs to be tested before the final deployment to ensure that it has the load management capabilities and can perform the task under extreme working conditions and workload.

There is the number of open source testing tools available in java language, which are used by test engineers and Quality Assurance teams to validate and verify the developed applications before the final deployment. Let’s look at famous four java testing tools, that are widely used by test engineers and quality assurance teams.

  • Apache JMeter is basically a load testing tool and used by the Quality Assurance teams to find and identify the issues related to performance and load management. It is mainly used to measure the performance of various services, with a special focus on web applications. JMeter gives you the access to use it as a test tool on various platforms such as FTP, JDBC database connections, Web services, HTTP, JMS, generic TCP connections, LDAP and OS Native processes. JMeter architecture offers the “out of the box” features. It supports various plugins and its unique and innovative features can be implemented with these plugins. JMeter foster customization and can be customized easily as off-site developers can alter and add plugins according to their needs and requirements. This tool is widely used by the Quality Assurance companies offering performance testing services.
  • Selenium is an open source automation testing tool and is widely used by the many organizations around the globe. It is used by the Quality Assurance teams to write automated tests for web applications and websites. It enjoys an edge over traditional proprietary tools as it offers competitive features. It runs on many platforms and operating systems, and support all popular testing frameworks and programming languages. Selenium has the support of many languages like C++, Java, Python, Perl, and Ruby. Most companies which provide automation testing services use this smart tool for verification and validation of web apps.
  • Sahi is another open source test automation tool and is used to validate the web applications. Sahi is specially designed to test the dynamic AJAX applications. The exceptional playback mechanism of Sahi makes this tool prominent for the testing companies. The salient features of these tools are platform and browser independence, excellent recorder, no waits, no XPaths, inbuilt reporting with exceptional Java interaction.
  • Robotium is a famous & most used open source tool to test android applications. According to its official page, it has no connection to Google or Selenium, but still is considered “Selenium of Android applications” by its users. Robotium does not require the source code of the application for testing. Setup is simple and tests are easier to write. This testing tool is considered the best tool to handle even the most complex Android applications. It can also test browser-based android applications with some limitation.