Network – How to Get Bridge Mode in Modems?

What is Bridge Mod? Are there all modems in the bridge mod?

Generally, most modems have bridge mods. In simple modems, there is no bridge mod.

Modems are usually configured and shipped in router mode. Accordingly, it operates in router mode in many places. This means that the modem registers with your PPP information to the ISP (internet provider) side and takes your external IP address itself and gives a different subnet to the local network behind it. Or it does the opposite (NAT Technology).

All DDoS ​​attacks on the external IP address meet the simple router, the modem, which is the first step of our network. Therefore, we should not leave our corporate and complex network to modems that are simple to protect from attacks. So what should we do to disable the modem from our network protecting this DDoS ​​from attacks? Here, the bridge task of modems comes into play.


Let’s come to Bridge mode; A modem that works in Bridge mode will actually work entirely as a dialer. In other words, it can convert the external signal to TCP / IP format as well as it works as a Wired – Wireless signal converter.

If we open a little more; If you need a wireless access device, you can use the modem as an Access Point if you enter the interface of a modem with an extra wireless feature and adjust the wireless settings, turn off DHCP and switch the device to bridge mode.

But if you want to use the Modem and give all the traffic to the firewall and be the boss’s firewall at that time, if you enter Gene modem interface and disable the Wireless feature and pull the Modem to Bridge Mode, the Modem will receive the external signal and turn it to your Firewall by turning it. After this move, you can enter your PPP information (username and password) into the firewall and access your ISP side to register and access your Firewall and get your External IP address directly from your firewall.

In this way, you will take the load of the modem, which is the critical point in your network, and give everything to the firewall. It is obvious that there will be a very beneficial movement in terms of management and stability.

Let’s see how to get Modems Bridge mode.

Since there are many different brands and models in the market, we will not be able to show them all one by one. But we will simply show how to get bridge mode from the interface of the most used brands.

Always disable the firewall if you have the Bridge mode modems.

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I hope it was a useful article.