Must Have Features of a Great Website


With more and more businesses having their own websites, making your web presence stand out is getting harder. With great web design, you can ensure that as soon as your customers visit your site they are encouraged to stay. Read on to find out which must-have features will improve your website:


Powerful first impression


When a web visitor arrives at your site for the first time, first impressions are everything. Their first impression will influence whether they stay for just a split-second or for several hours. Without even realizing, web users ask themselves many questions as they click onto a new website. Is this site trustworthy? Is this company welcoming? Is this a business professional? Keep all these questions in mind as you piece together your web design. This will help you to visually answer their queries through color, layout, typography, and content.

You will also want to reflect your company branding on the first impression. Having your website compliment your other media is vital and you need to express your business personality with a quick glance too. Does your website instantly show whether you are mature and respected, or youthful and fun?




The right images are easily overlooked when designing a website. Gone are the days when text-based sites were enough to hold a visitors attention. Remember, a picture says a thousand words; the way you use images can emphasize your written content and show your individuality. If you want to stand out from competitors, refrain from using stock images that have been used a hundred times before. Be original and use genuine photography or custom illustrations instead.


Effective Navigation


Having an easy to use the menu bar and effective website structure may not be top of your priorities when you start out to make an appealing site. Yet nothing can annoy a visitor more than not being able to get easily from one page to the next, or find the ‘search’ box! Keep your navigation simple, it shouldn’t be more than three levels deep if possible. Breadcrumbs are another handy navigation feature, allowing users to trace their trail and return to previous pages with ease.


Quality Content


Whilst first impressions are largely based on visuals, quality content is key too. If your content is not engaging and well written, you can bet that customers will give up and go look somewhere else. When you’re not confident enough to produce top-notch content yourself, invest in a professional to get your ideas across succinctly instead.


Calls to Action


Finally, don’t forget about simple calls to action. If you want your web visitor to do something, tell them too. Calls to action are a really quick and easy way to encourage people to get in touch, make a purchase or read your content – and have subconsciously come to be expected by the viewer. Don’t be afraid to use direct terms like ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Contact Us’.