Moving Analysis Service Database to a Different Drive

Recently we faced a situation where the server hosting our Analysis Services ran out of the space on the primary C drive. After looking at the files stored on C drive, we noticed that the Data folder of Analysis service %Installation folder%\OLAP\Data was occupying max disk space. This is because by default when you deploy the Analysis Service Project, the cube data (dimensions and Facts data) is stored in the above default directory.

TO move the Analysis services database to a different drive please follow the steps below:

  1. Connect to Analysis Server from the SSMS
  2. Right Click on the server and click on Properties
  3. Click on Show Advanced (All) Properties at the bottom of the properties window.
    Show All Properties
  4. After clicking on the show advanced properties, you will see a property called AllowedBrowsingFolders. In the value of the property add the new location where you want to move the Analysis DB. Then click OK.
    AllowedBrowsingFolders Property
  5. Now open the properties window again. Change the DataDir Property value to point to the new directory location you have set in the AllowedBrowsingFolders properties.DataDir Property
  6. Stop the SQL Server Analysis Services Service.
    Stop SSAS Service
  7. Move the Data to the new directory location.
  8. Start the SQL Server Analysis Services Service.
    Start SSAS Service

Thats it. The Analysis Server DB is moved to the new location.