Monitoring SysStat Linux Melalui Web-Based GUI

System Monitoring


For some Linux administrators, the Linux server monitoring activity may be a definite need, because with the monitoring server, an optimal server where it has been fulfilled or not the resources owned by a server to support the distribution process.

Many of them still use the old way to collect their Linux system data, let’s call it the method of using sosreport in a Linux machine. Where the resulting data will be a lot and there is a need for the selection of data to be used, not to mention the creation of graph reports, so it is a little inconvenient and requires a long time for users.

Sysstat has several monitoring functions, including:

  • sar = Collect and provide reports on the activities of the system that is running
  • iostat = reports CPU usage and also Input and Output statistics from our disk
  • mpstat = reports in full and statistics on our processors
  • pidstat = report data obtained from application/process usage
  • sadf = displays data obtained by sar in various formats

Here we will combine several existing resources to manage the sysstat analysis data with additional graphics accessible through web-based, so it is expected that sysstat data/reporting can run quickly and completely.
Install PHP and Apache

Download the sysstat Graph, place it on public_html

Edit config.php according to the following code:

Add a cronjob so that the sar generate analysis process can be done automatically

Enter the following code:

I hope it has been a useful article.