Mimosa Link Setup and Considerations Points

Mimosa Menu Structure


All settings to be made with the wireless side are in this area.


This is the part of the device with non-wireless management tools.


It is the area where the tests are performed, ping, bandwidth and traceroute tests are performed and the logos can be followed with the device.


Wireless /Link


2 Ms: This mode is for connections over 25.0 km / 15.5 miles

not recommended

4 Ms: This mode is for connections over 64.0 km / 40.3 miles

not recommended

Speed Adaptation Mode – PER (default) or EVM. PER mode, Tx packet calculated on local radio sets the modulation based on the error rate. If the mode is EVM, the error reported by the remote radio sets the modulation based on vector size.

PHY Ratio – Conservative (default) or Aggressive. Conservative mode lowest It results in a PER but can prevent higher modulation. Aggressive mode if modulation optimizes, but may also cause higher PER.

Wireless / Channel & Power

Wireless / Location

For non-GPS models, the latitude and longitude values can be entered on the map.

Necessary positioning can be provided.


PREFENCES/ Management

PREFENCES/ Notifications

PREFENCES/ Firmware , Reset, Backup, Restore, Test

Opening Mimosa Test Frequencies


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