Mikrotik Router Password Recovery Tool

Man cannot be separated from the disease FORGET :). Yes, you might forget there who have forgotten your username or password Mikrotik Router. Forgot your username and password Mikrotik Router is a common and often occur especially if we do not save the Mikrotik login data. But you need not worry because if you forget your username and password login Mikrotik Router, secondly it can be recovered by using backup files and services Mikrotik Router, Mikrotik Backup Password Recovery from https://www.mikrotikpasswordrecovery.net/

Okay, here’s how recovery username and password with Mikrotik Password Recovery Tool.

1. Make sure you are still storing backup files from Mikrotik Router that you forgot her password.
2. Log into the site https://www.mikrotikpasswordrecovery.net/
3. Click Choose File and select the backup file you Mikrotik -> Click Submit.

Mikrotik Password Recovery Tool
Mikrotik Password Recovery Tool


4. Then your Mikrotik Router Username and Password will appear as shown above.

How easy is not it? The important thing you should be diligent in your Mikrotik Router Configuration Backup so that things that are unwanted not the case and also note your username and password so that when to forget not to bother.

If this method can not be used may be because there is no backup file of your Mikrotik, another way is to reset your Mikrotik Router. I’ve discussed in this article Tutorial How to Reset Mikrotik Router

Okay, I hope Tutorial techsoftcenter.com on Forgot Username & Password Mikrotik? This solution could be useful.