Mikrotik How to Config Kid Control to Manage Your Child

“Kid control” is a parental control feature to limit internet connectivity for LAN devices.

Now, wanna show you about the new feature from Mikrotik is kid control. Kid control is a feature for the parent to manage child for the day/time for those to use the internet not let see.

Copy the mac address from the ARP table and paste it to the new kid control device mac address.

I set here, mean that allows the child to access the internet only on Friday from 00-11

I have added my PC as a kid. Now my PC can access the internet, let change time for the test now the time is over, 00-10 so my PC can access the internet do you know why, when you were setting kid to control your PC can’t access the internet?

 kid control will create a filter rule to block your PC let see in the filter.

Now filter rule is nothing and my PC can access the internet, now let change.

You also can pause your child for a while as you want.

Now the kid can access the internet as normal another thing, you can add another time for a day.
not that, time in kid control means the time that kid can use the internet and you can add your kid in device last thing with kid control feature, we also can set rate limit on that too

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I hope it has been a useful article.