Mikrotik Bandwidth Tutorial: Limited Download, Unlimited Browsing Using Layer 7

Limited Download and Unlimited Browsing is one of the effective Bandwidth management techniques to share bandwidth equitably. Because, if download bandwidth is not restricted, it will interfere with the speed of other users internet in one network. As a result, if there are some users who do download let alone use IDM, then other users who just browse not get the bandwidth.

Well, to overcome this, then Limited Techniques Download and Unlimited Browsing is we apply. In Mikrotik, this technique can be done in many ways. One simple and effective way is to use the Layer 7 Protocol filter. Who does not know what is Layer 7 Protocol, please read here.

Okay, we start Mikrotik Bandwidth Tutorial: Limited Download, Unlimited Browsing using Layer 7 Protocol.

1. Create a list of file extensions that are in the download filter in the Layer 7 protocol. Please copy and paste the following script into Mikrotik Terminal then hit enter. If the file extension is deemed to be less then please add yourself.

2. Create a Mangle Firewall to mark packets that will limit. Please copy paste the following script to Terminal and press enter. We just use 1 Mangle only, simple right?


Download Limit in Layer 7 Mikrotik
Download Limit in Layer 7 Mikrotik


3. Please check whether the script was successfully executed into settings or not.
Check Setting 7 Layer protocol: IP -> Firewall -> Layer7 Protocol


Download Limit in Layer 7 Mikrotik

Checks Mangle Settings: IP -> Firewall -> Mangle
4. Next, create its bandwidth limit with Queue.
Queue Type: Log in to Queue -> Queue Types -> add
– Name the limit dl
– Kind: pcq
– Rate: 64k (please adjust to what the max speed of his download)
If charged 64k, that is to limit the download speed of 64 kbps divided by 8 -> 8 KB / s
If want higher can be filled 256k so throughput: 256/8 = 32 KB / s
NB: remember 1 byte = 8 bits
Please fill as you wish.
– Other settings leave it alone, see the following picture:
Queue Type
Queue Type
Queue Tree: go to Queue -> Queue Tree -> add
– Name it: Limit Download
– Parent: global (My OS Router is version 6, there’s only one global parent)
– Packet Marks: package-donlot
– Queue Type: limit dl
– Max Limit: 64k (Adjust to your needs)
You can also use the Limit At feature, please read here for more details:


5. The settings are completed. So the above settings limit the download bandwidth of 64kbps = 8KB / s.

6. Check if the settings are correct by doing a download test file:
Before using Limit Download:


Download before limit


After using Limit Download:


Download after limit


Okay, so is Mikrotik Bandwidth Tutorial: Limited Download, Unlimited Browsing Using Layer 7 Protocol. Please practice in accordance with the conditions of your network.

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