Mikrotik Automatic Version Update Monthly / Weekly

If you want Mikrotik to update itself automatically, we can prepare a script to make it 1 per month.

In this script we will specify 30 days in interval and add and implement the following script.

In this way, the device will periodically check for an update and when it deems it will perform the update automatically.

First, we’re setting up a timer that runs the update script.

We prepared the timer and run the script name we have just started.
Now let’s edit the contents of the script.


After this process, our device will check and update the update process for 2 days (about 30 days).

When you add the command with copy paste, you may be experiencing problems with a very old version or punctuation if the error occurs.
manually enter the / system script menu and try to create a script named bir guncelle ”and paste the following command.

– The device must be accessible to the Internet.
for testing –
/ ping download.mikrotik.com
If the test result does not occur but the device is defined ip ip dns server information please check.