Vmware Tools is the software that needs to be installed in order for our virtual servers to perform more efficiently and more optimized with real machines. As can be seen from the image below, Vmware Tools is not installed and does not work on our virtual machine.

VMware Tools

First of all, as soon as you insert a CD into the computer, we add Vmware Tools to the system by clicking Install / Upgrade.

After saying OK to the warning,

Install WMware Tools
Install WMware Tools

The image should be below.

Now we can log in and start the installation. But if you didn’t activate Development Tools before Minimal installations, you will get perl error when installing Vmware tool. Run the following command to avoid receiving the error.

First, mount the system with the following command.

The output should be as follows.

Then run the following command to enter the mnt folder.

The output should be as follows.

Then unzip the compressed Vmware file into the tmp folder with the following command.

The files will be listed down quickly. Let’s enter the setup folder with the command below.

Now let’s run our installation file with the command below.

You can perform a successful installation by entering enter and yes to the warnings that follow.

Then reboot your system.

And in the image below you can see that Vmware Tools has been installed successfully.

I hope it has been a useful article.