HTML5-An overview

This site Learn aims at providing better exposure to HTML5 to the users. For more than a decade there has been no prominent updation in the HTML4 version. But once HTML5 was released a couple of years back it has been a hot topic for a while. Many interesting features have been added in the HTML5. for years users and the browsers have to depend on 3rd party plugins to play audio and video but now HTML5 has given a solution for that. Give us a chance to see a portion of the noticeable and interesting highlights of HTML5 in this instructional exercise HTML5 a presentation.


Structural Tags in HTML5


HTML5 vs Flash


Tags in html -part1(<a> ,<address> ,<audio>…..<fieldset>)

Tags in html -part2(<figure>,<form>,<h1>to<h6>,<i>…..<source>)

Tags in html -part3(<strong>,<style>,<sub>,<table>….<video>)


5 key features of HTML5

  • HTML5 Canvas Element .
  • Drawing using Canvas Element.
  • Using path in canvas elements.
  • Canvas complex example.
  • Applying styles and colors using canvas.
  • Canvas element transformations.
  • Translating a canvas feature.
  • Rotating canvas transformation method.
  • Scaling canvas transformation method.
  • Transform canvas transformation method.
  • Clipping paths.