How to Trunk VLAN in Mikrotik Cisco Switch

Make Trunk and VLAN in Mikrotik to connect to a Cisco switch will be discussed in Tutorial Mikrotik this time. The question is, Can create a VLAN and Trunk on Mikrotik and Cisco? The answer obviously can, as VLAN and Trunk are so universal technology that can run on all the network devices through different brands. Using the IEEE 802.1Q VLAN standard. IEEE standards committee makes VLAN multiplexing method is to provide multivendor VLAN support.
Trunk and VLAN can help us when it had to skip a lot of the network segment while available channels are limited. At the time this article will Mikrotik I demonstrated no network segment that wants to pass while the track (wired LAN) its only one. So to fix this we can use VLAN and Trunk 1 port on the Mikrotik.
Topologi VLAN Mikrotik ke Cisco
Topology VLAN Mikrotik  Cisco
Its topology is very simple deliberately created to be more easily understood. If you already understand, you can develop into a larger topology and complex.
In the picture above topology, Router Mikrotik RB450G will skip two different network segment passing through a LAN cable to the Cisco 2960 switch through port ether1 RB450G towards interface f0 / 1 Cisco 2960.
VLAN 10:
VLAN 20:
The VLAN will be connected to the client that PCs and laptops with the IP address:

Setting Mikrotik for VLAN and Trunk to Cisco Switch

1. Open Winbox Mikrotik . Create a VLAN Interface on Mikrotik. Go to the menu Interfaces -> Click the +select VLAN -> VLAN name Beru -> Define VLAN ID her -> In the column Interface select the interface will be his Trunk port. Here I demonstrated using ether1 as Trunk port.
Create VLAN 10
Interface VLAN Mikrotik
Interface VLAN Mikrotik
Create VLAN 20
 Interface VLAN Mikrotik
Interface VLAN Mikrotik
 2. Provide an IP address for each VLAN interface that has been made.
VLAN in Mikrotik
VLAN in Mikrotik
3. Setting Switch Cisco her. Here I demonstrated interface f0 / 1 as a Trunk, f0 / 2 as VLAN 10, f0 / 3 as VLAN 20.
I assume that you can set Switch Cisco her, its config so I will not discuss here.
VLAN in Mikrotik
VLAN in Mikrotik
4. Setting the IP Address in Client (PC and Laptop her). If you have, please try pinging the router and inter-client. If the setting is correct, then the ping would succeed. If the settings are correct but the ping still RTO, make sure the windows firewall was already disabled.