How to update the Mikrotik NTP server ip address daily? [Mikrotik Scripting]

A frequent issue that we do not need to do a Mikrotik study on this issue, the system administrators need to update manually.
As you know, we update the NTP (Network Time Protocol) information in the SNTP Client service and keep the date/time of RouterOS up to date.

But this service provides free and similar providers dynamically provide NTP server information via DNS.
RouterOS’de time server information (SNTP Client) in the field of this information can be entered as a rope, or even if the domain is entered as the current rope records the information.
In order to keep this information up-to-date on RouterOS, you can use the script below to update the DNS server information in 24 hours.

The NTP server DNS information provided by NTP.ORG for Europe is as follows.