How to Turn Off Your Camera and Microphone in the Zoom Application?

In the Zoom Application, we may want to turn off our camera or microphone sound for some reason during the conference. We will now see how we can do this in this article.

Let’s first see how we can turn off the webcam, we can also use the keyboard hotkeys for this.
To close the video image, simply click the “Stop Video” button in the toolbar in the lower-left corner of the Zoom call window.

On the keyboard shortcut, it will be enough to press Alt + V to turn your webcam on or off.


As soon as you close your zoom video, people on the other side will not be able to see you. It will be marked with a red line on the video icon to indicate that it is disabled.
Just click “Start Video” to open the camera.


Now, if we want to mute the microphone during Zoom conferences, it will be enough to click the “Mute” button in the lower-left corner of the screen window.

In addition, it will be sufficient to press the shortcut Alt + M keys to mute and unmute your own sound from the keyboard.


When the zoom sound is off, you will see a microphone icon with a red line on it and Others will no longer be able to hear your voice.


To turn the sound back on, simply click on the place where it says “Unmute”.

We have briefly explained how to turn on and off the camera and video about zoom.
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I hope it has been a useful article.