How to Start and Stop Automatic Database in Linux Operating Systems?

Linux Operating Systems will automatically see how to start and stop the database. Together with the database, we will enable Listener Service and Enterprise Manager to automatically turn on and off.

When this operating system is installed, the shutdown or reboot command will shut down.

1. On our system, we create “.bash_profile için for oracle user. In this article, I configured it according to the features of my system. You need to configure according to your own system.

2. We are preparing our services that will start at the operating system.

3. Set the security on the file.

4. We’re adding it to the chkconfig layer to work at a startup.

5. Now we put the opening and closing scripts into the directory where we will create the dbora file as we said before. So we will write the commands that should work on opening and closing into these files. We will then make the necessary configurations for the “oracle” user to access our files.

6. Now we can create our startup and shutdown scripts. Here you will need to set the DB parameter to your own system.

7. After that, we will create the privileges and security settings of our scripts.

8. That’s all we can do now we can test our services.

This article was written by testing Oracle 11g R2 ( on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.4.

I hope it has been a useful article.