How to Set Up a Virtual Machine with Microsoft Azure

As it is known, Windows Azure is the virtualization platform Microsoft provides to users. With Windows Azure, you can create and manage applications over the network, store data, and load balancing. Web applications, virtual machines, cloud service, messaging and virtual networking can be given as examples. In order to use Windows Azure technology, registration is performed first. 90 days after registration the product can be used free of charge. Registration is available   at

Virtual machines take an important place in the world of technology and virtualization technology is used in many platforms. Virtual machine applications to be created on Windows Azure can be created either by selecting the images in the gallery already in Windows Azure or by using the image files of the operating system to be installed by the users and creating virtual machines.

Creating a Virtual Machine

After the registration process with Windows Azure technology, the virtual machine creation process is continued with the “Create a Virtual Machine ından option under the heading“ Virtual Machines.

After selecting a Create a Virtual Machine arayüz, the interface in the figure meets the user. After selecting Compute and Virtual Machine options, Burada Quick Create ”and“ From Gallery ”options are available. With the Create Quick Create sağlan option, a new image is created, while with the “From Gallery” option, the desired operating system can be accessed through the existing images on Windows Azure. Here, the installation from the Gallery From Gallery ”option will be performed with ready image files.

In the machine Virtual machine operating system selection ”interface, the operating system to be installed is selected. The gallery includes images of various operating systems such as Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Evaluation, Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013 Beta, Windows Server 2012 Datacenter, OpenLogic CentOS 6.3, Ubuntu Server 12.10. In the example, “Windows Server 2012 October 2012” selection continues.

In the machine Virtual machine configuration ”interface, some definitions are made for the virtual machine to be created after the selected image. In the “Virtual Machine Name” option, the name of the virtual machine to be created is given. The “Size” section contains the hardware requirements of the virtual machine to be created. Under the heading “Size” “Extra Small” option “Shared core, 768 MB memory”, “Small” option “1 core, 1.75 GB memory”, “Medium” option “2 cores, 3.5 GB memory By selecting “Large”, cor 4 cores, 7GB memory ”and by selecting Large Extra Large”, ”8 cores, 14 GB memory için is provided for the virtual machine to be created.

In the Machine Virtual Machine Mode ”interface, if a new virtual machine is installed,“ Standalone Virtual Machine ”is continued and if there is access to an already installed virtual machine,“ Connect to existing Virtual Machine ”option is continued. It is also possible to select data for the virtual machine, such as DNS name, storage account, and in which zone it will be stored.


In the “Virtual Machine Options” heading, if the virtual machine to be installed is to be included in a network, it must be made in the “Availability Set” option. If the installation is Standalone, continue with the “None”  continuation option.

After entering the data required for virtual machine installation on Windows Azure, the virtual machine to be installed from the Machines “Virtual Machines” heading is installed.

After the virtual machine installation, there are some options for managing this created machine. “Connect” option allows you to connect to the virtual machine, “Restart” option allows you to restart the virtual machine, “Shutdown” option closes the virtual machine, “Attach” option to add an existing disk or disk to be created while the gerçekleştiril “Delete” option performs the deletion of the existing virtual machine. The “Connect” option provides access to the virtual machine.

Selecting “Connect” will actually provide  Remote Desktop Connection ”connection to the virtual machine. As shown in the following interface, the “connect” option is selected to provide the necessary connection, and the user information is entered and the connection to the virtual machine is provided.

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