How To Make Transparent Proxy in Mikrotik

How to Make Transparent Proxy Mikrotik – Transparent Proxy is a transparent proxy concept that is a proxy configuration where clients are connected to the proxy does not have to setup or enter the proxy configuration to browser one by one. So the use of proxy will be more simple and easy. Before we go there is a good idea you read the article Explanation Web Proxy Mikrotik first yes.

Okay already read the previous article right? If we are already studying Mikrotik make Web Proxy Mikrotik his first without Transparent.

Creating Web Proxy Mikrotik

Please open Winbox and follow these steps:
1. Go to IP menu -> Web Proxy on Winbox
2. To enable Web Proxy to check the ” Enabled ”
3. Fill in the port to be used by Proxy. Just fill in port 8080
4. Cache Administrator, you can replace with your own email as its Admin
5. Max. Cache Size determines how much memory allocation to store its proxy cache. Please fill in as needed or can just select unlimited.
6. Check the Cache On Disk option for storage to be done on the Mikrotik hard drive instead of RAM. Because usually, Mikrotik hard drive is more Bigger than its RAM.
7. Click Apply -> OK



Up here Web Proxy has been successfully created. You can use this Web Proxy Mikrotik but must configure Proxy settings on your browser first with Mikrotik IP address and port 8080. Well, let me open browser settings and make it more simple we will activate the Transparent Proxy function.

Creating Transparent Proxy Mikrotik

How this Transparent Proxy works by redirecting Traffic data HTTP (destination port 80) to the port used by the proxy is 8080. How to configure its NAT firewall with chain = dstnat and action redirect. Here is his command:

Or it can be through Winbox, enter the IP menu -> Firewall



In the General tab
Chain: dstnat
Protocol: tcp
Etc. Port: 80



On the Action tab
Action: redirect
To Ports: 8080

Now its Mikrotik Proxy is already Transparent. To test it, please open the menu IP -> Web Proxy in Winbox. Enter the Status tab and click Connections. If both already have the contents means transparent Proxy Mikrotik already running.

MikroTik-web proxy-status


In addition, you can also test it by opening the browser then enter any address to occur error messages.