How to Make Multiple Remote Desktop (RDP) Connections in Windows?

Making Multiple Remote Desktop (RDP) Connections in Windows:

When we want to connect to our Windows server with remote desktop (RDP), it is configured to make a connection by default. If we want more than one person to be connected at the same time, we will have to retry our settings as below.

Type gpedit.msc in the Search box on the Start menu and click on the resulting result or open the Run screen with the Windows + R key.


The operations to be performed on the windows screen that opens;

Computer Configuration \ Administrative Templates \ Windows Components \ Remote Desktop Services \ Remote Desktop Session Host \ Connections \click

Double click on the right;

Restrict Remote Desktop Services users to a single Remote Desktop Services session

Remote Desktop Services
Remote Desktop Services

Complete the process by saying Disabled -> Apply -> Ok.

Note: If you are experiencing this problem on a personal operating system like Windows 10 Pro, it is natural to experience it, because even if you set it, it will not be able to connect with 2 users at the same time. If you want multiple accounts to log in at the same time, you must install a server-based operating system such as Windows Server.

I hope it was a useful article.