How to Limit Bandwidth Mikrotik Router with Simple Queue

Manage and restrict the bandwidth usage of the Internet is an important thing when our internet connection is limited, for example, quotas limited bandwidth of the ISP. We need to limit the quota of bandwidth each user is connected to the Mikrotik Router. On Mikrotik Router itself is already available features that can restrict (limit) bandwidth is Queue. There are two kinds of the queue on Mikrotik

1-Simple Queue: the easiest way to perform bandwidth management applied to small to the medium-scale network to set upload and download bandwidth usage for each user.

2-Queue Tree: similar to but more complicated simple queue, which can narrow bandwidth-based group even hierarchically. We must turn the feature on Firewall Mangle if you want to use Queue Tree.

In this article, we will discuss the features of Simple Queue first.

Simple Queue for discussion this time we will try to practice making Bandwidth limit all users with a proxy. Please open it and select the menu Winbox Queues, it will display the following:

Bandwidth Limit Mikrotik Router
Bandwidth Limit Mikrotik Router


Before we begin to limit the Internet bandwidth by proxy, make sure that your Internet how much bandwidth can be from the ISP you use. So that the value does not exceed the bandwidth limit Bandwidth allocation from the ISPs. For example, the bandwidth of the ISP by 1 Mbps, then its bandwidth limit is set less than or equal to 1 Mbps.

To add a new Simple Queue click the + button, Like This.

Bandwidth Limit Mikrotik Router
Bandwidth Limit Mikrotik Router


There are several tabs in the Simple Queue window, but we will only use the General tab and the Advanced course.

Tab General

On the General tab, there are several options that can be setup. We need to consider carefully the choice of using the Target Address and Max Limit.

Target Address

You can Put Target Address with a specific IP address that you want to limit its bandwidth, Eg From the above picture can be seen for Target Address is empty, it means the configuration Bandwidth limit applies to all IP addresses.

Max Limit

Max Limit is the maximum bandwidth allocation that can be obtained user, and the user will usually be obtained if there is bandwidth allocation is not used again by another user. Do not forget to check Target Target Upload and Download to activate this feature, select large bandwidth wish limit on Max Limit. For example upload: 256 kbps download: 1 Mbps.

Large Bandwidth limit for uploads is lower than download it because it is usually more user downloading (browsing, downloading music, files, etc.) rather than upload. You can choose as you wish.

You can also determine when, and how long it Simple Queue will start running by selecting the option Time.

Tab Advanced
Bandwidth Limit Mikrotik Router
Bandwidth Limit Mikrotik Router

On the Advanced tab on the things that need attention and Limit At Interface option.


Select which interface you want to restrict its bandwidth, for example, interface wlan1 to limit Internet connections via wireless. If you want to limit the bandwidth at all Interface select all.

Limit At

At Limit is trend bandwidth allocation that can be obtained by the user if the network traffic is very busy. Any bad state of the network, the user will not have the bandwidth allocation under Limit At this value. So this is the Limit At the lowest bandwidth value that would be obtained by the user. Its value would be filled up to you how. For example filled upload 128 kbps download: 512 kbps.

Well, from the configuration, then the result if every user is using an internet connection and the condition of the network is busy then each user will get a bandwidth of 128 kbps / 512 kbps. If one or more users are not using the connection bandwidth allocation will be given to users who are connected. And if only one user is using the connection, the user will get a maximum bandwidth allocation of 256 kbps / 1 Mbps.

Click OK to add the Simple Queue, which will appear in the queue list.

Bandwidth Limit Mikrotik Router
Bandwidth Limit Mikrotik Router


In the picture above, there is two Simple Queue, the Simple Queue is created automatically by Hotspot in a previous article How to Make Hotspot Mikrotik
and Simple Queue newly created. If there are two different configurations it will be executed from top to bottom (top to bottom), so Simple Queue hotspot executed first and then Simple Queue Mikrotik. Although Simple Queue hotspot Tx Rx Max limit its unlimited, all hotspot users will get Max Tx Rx bandwidth of 256k / 1M of Simple Queue Mikrotik, Simple Queue hotspot so that it does not apply.

You can set the configuration according to your tastes Simple Queue yourself. Please, you develop your own as you wish. Okay, hopefully, Mikrotiknetworking.Com Tutorial about How To Limit (Limit) Bandwidth Simple Queue Mikrotik Mikrotik with this helpful.