How to Learn Mikrotik without RouterBoard with VMWare

Tutorial How to Learn Mikrotik without RouterBoard with VMWare – For those of you who want to learn Mikrotik but do not have its router board no worry, because we can still learn Mikrotik by using iso Mikrotik file. So, in fact, Mikrotik it is Linux that is made specifically for the Router. So we do not need to have a router board, which is important to have its Mikrotik software in the form of ISO file. Mikrotik ISO file can run on a secondhand PC. But this time we will install without additional secondhand PC by running using Virtual Machine like VMWare Player, VMware Workstation,

How to Learn Mikrotik without RouterBoard with VMWare
How to Learn Mikrotik without RouterBoard with VMWare


Then from the VM, we connect to Winbox.

  • Computers / Laptops
  • Mikrotik ISO file
  • Virtual Machine (I use VMWare Workstation )

Well if the things above already met, we immediately wrote to his steps.

ISO Mikrotik OS Installation Process

1. Download the Mikrotik ISO file. (Include a level 6 license. Please use ONLY FOR LEARNING OBJECTIVES!)

2. Run the Mikrotik ISO in Virtual Machine. In this case, I use VMWare Workstation. When creating a new Harddisk in his VM with little space, for example, 256MB.

ISO Mikrotik OS Installation Process
ISO Mikrotik OS Installation Process


3. Run the Mikrotik VM, and run the Mikrotik installation by selecting all available options with the ‘ a ‘ button. If already checked all press ‘ i’ button to install Mikrotik.

Mikrotik Software Installation (click to enlarge)
Mikrotik Software Installation (click to enlarge)


4. Wait a minute until the installation process is complete. Be patient yah, just a minute anyway;) If finished finish press Enter key to reboot


Network Configuration

1. After the installation process Mikrotik OS is complete, try to enter into his Mikrotik system. Enter user login: admin and password: ‘Blank’

2. Congratulations you have successfully entered the system Mikrotik in VM. Here we can only enter text-based command no GUI mode it. Now we start the network configuration to be connected to the local network of PCs especially let me open Winbox. Please Download Winbox here.

3. In its VM go to settings, change its Network Adapter to custom VMNet1. For those who use other VM kinds Virtual Box please adjust it.


4. Next try to open Winbox, check whether already detected his Mikrotik. If already directly login using the same login data. If you can not login please check again the network configuration. DisableNetwork Adapter VMnet8 let me not confuse Winbox.


5. On Winbox there is only 1 interface is Ether 1, so pretty complicated actually because we usually practice with WLAN and there is no wlan because it is physically in VMWare not have a wireless interface. So yes we can only use Ether 1.

6. But Its Ok, we can still add Virtual Ethernet to help our work later if you want to make hotspot let me get into the user manager hotspot.
7. Allocate IP address for Ether 1 eg: Also allocate one network IP address for its VMnet1 Adapter let me connect to its hotspot in the browser.

Of all the tutorials above is very possible once for error conditions. Because we do not have a physical Mikrotik, just run it virtually, so the error may happen. For simplicity, please use the latest way to Mikrotik Balancing Without RouterBoard by using GNS3 (Mikrotik Packet Tracer):