How to Install Mikrotik RouterOS on PC

Tutorial How to Install Mikrotik RouterOS on PC

If you buy Mikrotik RouterBoard usually can be used directly without the need to install RouterOS, just enter the license only. But if you do not want to use Mikrotik RouterBoard or just want to use the PC as Mikrotik, of course, you have to install the proxy to the PC first. Well, there are several ways to install Mikrotik PC. Mikrotik can be installed on a PC using several ways, namely

1-ISO Image; using a Compact Disc (CD) installation. Please download the.ISO file extension that is available and you have to “burn” into the blank CD media.

2-Net install: Through the computer network (LAN) with a Single Disk, or using Ethernet that supports the process of turning on the computer (booting) the computer via Ethernet Card. The Net install can be performed on the operating system Windows 95/98 / NT4 / 2000 / XP/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10.

Mikrotik Disk Maker requires several floppy disks size 3.5 “which nant Inya be copied on the hard disk when installing. By using the tools FloppyMaker.exe.
Of the three ways, the first way to use the CD ISO image of the most popular and most widely used. So this time we will discuss how the first one first. How to install Mikrotik using the ISO image is quite easy to do. You only need to download the RouterOS ISO file, burn it to a CD, boot to the CD and install Mikrotik. OK Now we will begin to discuss how to install Mikrotik RouterOS on a PC, please refer to the following ways.

1-Download the ISO file Mikrotik. You can download Click Here (include license level 6. Please use ONLY FOR LEARNING OBJECTIVES ONLY!)

2-Burn it to the CD.

3-Enter the proxy CD into the CD / DVD Rom.

4-Setting your computer bios, on the initial boot (first boot is a CD / DVD in your Room.

5-After the setting then your computer will boot the first time to a CD / DVD in your Room. If successful it will appear as below.

Install Mikrotik RouterOS on PC
Install Mikrotik RouterOS on PC


6-Perform Mikrotik installation process by selecting (checking) all options available with the ‘a’. If already checked all the press the ‘i’ for install Mikrotik.

7-Wait a minute until it is complete the installation process. just a minute anyway. If already completed press the Enter key to reboot

Install Mikrotik RouterOS on PC
Install Mikrotik RouterOS on PC

8-After you restart your computer, then you will be prompted to check the disk or not. Click the “Y” to accept, or click the “N” for not agreeing.

9-After that will appear login. “admin” (without the quotes) to Mikrotik Login. And enter the password only. because of its default password no password

10-If successful it will display the preview image proxy (see figure below). Indicates that you have successfully installed the proxy (Mikrotik Router OS).

Install Mikrotik RouterOS on PC
Install Mikrotik RouterOS on PC


Now Mikrotik RouterOS already installed on your PC. But this proxy can only be used for 24 hours because it is still in the trial period. To be able to make the full version using the license level 6, need to be done first license registration. License file level 6 was already there in the previous ISO package. Please find the file.

How to Register License Mikrotik RouterOS:

1-Mikrotik PC, connect it to another PC or laptop using UTP cable.

2-Open Winbox (If you do not have Winbox Winbox please download here)

3-Login to Mikrotik Router using Winbox.

Install Mikrotik RouterOS on PC
Install Mikrotik RouterOS on PC



4-On the main page Winbox “RouterOS Welcome” with the news of your router and the router does not have the key will stop within 23 hours and 50 minutes.

5-On the left side of Winbox click “System” and click the “Licence

6-Then click “Import Key” and select the license file level 6 in the ISO folder earlier

7-Click “OK” then the router will restart and disconnect.

8-Login again to Mikrotik via Winbox, go to the menu System -> License -> Then it will appear that the Mikrotik already successfully registered with the license level 6.

Install Mikrotik RouterOS on PC
Install Mikrotik RouterOS on PC


Congratulations now your Mikrotik license already a level 6.