How to Install Mikrotik on Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a Server that is divided into several Virtual Machines (VM) where each VM is a Virtual Server that can be installed on a separate operating system.

For example like our PC / Laptop that installed VMWare or VirtualBox to run the certain OS. Here, of course, we can make some VM run the OS we want.

Well, the VPS is a VPS cloud that is connected to the Internet network. To use it we can hire VPS provided by various server hosting vendors. Here I use VPS from Digital Ocean by hiring Virtual Server in Singapore.

Why install Mikrotik on VPS? There are several uses of Mikrotik that we can use because Mikrotik will have Public IP, for example, used as VPN Server, Proxy Server. So this is one way to get Public IP on Mikrotik.

Okay, we just see the following Mikrotik Tutorial:

Tutorial How to Install Mikrotik on Virtual Private Server (VPS)

1. Login or Register first to Digital Ocean here

After listing of these links, you will get a $ 10 Free credit, which later can be used to rent his VPS.

2. After login to DO, create a new Droplet -> Click Create Droplet
Install Mikrotik on Virtual Private Server
Install Mikrotik on Virtual Private Server
3. Select the Ubuntu 16.04 x64 Image. Why not directly use the image Mikrotik only? DO does not allow us to install Image other than the one provided by it. So we use Ubuntu only for later we install Mikrotik Cloud Hosted Router (CHR).
Install Mikrotik on Virtual Private Server
Install Mikrotik on Virtual Private Server
4. Select Size (size) from its VPS. Choose the cheapest which is only $ 5 / month. Can use 2 months FREE with free credit $ 10 earlier.
5. Select Datacenter from the VPS to use. Please select the closest course so that the ping is good and the hop is not too long. Here I demonstrate using Server in Singapore.
Install Mikrotik on Virtual Private Server
Install Mikrotik on Virtual Private Server
6. Fill in the hostname of your VPS. Whatever will be given what name. Default also not a problem. Then Click Create.
7. Wait a while until the process of making his VPS is complete. If it is finished then it will appear you’re Awesome! in the Created column in the Droplets menu. Please access to its VPS console via the More -> Access Console menu.
8. In addition, we will also receive emails from DO about the server details.
Install Mikrotik on Virtual Private Server
Install Mikrotik on Virtual Private Server
9. Because the use of Console DO is rather difficult, I suggest to remote console his VPS via SSH PuTTY. Please download the PuTTY app and open the app.
In the Hostname (or IP address) field enter the IP address of its VPS -> Port 22 -> Click Open.
Access Console via Putty
Access Console via Putty
10. Login with user: root and password in this email. Then we will be prompted to change its default password. Please change the password as you see fit.
11. After changing the password, we start to make Ubuntu his Mikrotik Cloud Hosted Router (CHR). Please copy and paste the following code into PuTTY:
wget -O && \ gunzip -c> chr.img && mount -o loop, offset = 33554944 chr.img / mnt && \ ADDRESS = ip addr show eth0 | grep global | cut -d ” -f 6 | head -n 1 && \ GATEWAY = ‘ip route list | grep default | cut -d ” -f 3` && \ echo “/ ip address add address = $ ADDRESS interface = ip route add gateway = $ GATEWAY  “> / mnt / rw / autorun. scr && \ umount / mnt && \ uecho u> / proc / sysrq-trigger && \ dd if = chr.img bs = 1024 of = / dev / vda https : // download2 . mikrotik . com / routeros / 6 . 38 . 3 / chr – 6 . 38 . 3 . img . zip -O && \
How to Paste in PuTTY with right click -> then press Enter.
Wait until the process of downloading his Mikrotik CHR image is complete. After completion of his script will run the installation and installation of his CHR.
12. When you’re done, log into his Digital Ocean account again -> Turn off his VM.
13. Restart the VM by pressing the Switch On button.
14. Now we try remote again his VPS via console SSH on PuTTY.
Login with user: admin, the password is empty (no password).
Tadaa !! Ubuntu has been turned into Mikrotik.
15. Well, Mikrotik has been installed. We can also remotely Mikrotik via Winbox. Live to open its Mikrotik Winbox Connect to enter its VPS IP Address -> Enter User and Password.
 Login via Winbox
Login via Winbox
Finished already, we have successfully installed the Mikrotik Cloud Hosted Router (CHR) in Virtual Private Server (VPS) Digital Ocean. Next please want to make what Mikrotik his. Noteworthy is because Mikrotik CHR is a free version, then the interface eth only supports 1 Mbps bandwidth only.