How to Install LibreOffice (Alpha / Beta / Stable) Version

In this article, I will explain how to install and update LibreOffice in a simple way and the installation information required to be a document in a single article.

How to Install and Update LibreOffice

If you want to install LibreOffice on your computer or update LibreOffice already installed on your computer, run the following commands on the terminal.

Note: You do not need to run the following command 3 if you just want to update LibreOffice. You can update to the latest release from Update Manager.

If you want to return LibreOffice to the local version of Ubuntu, just run the command below on the terminal.

How to Install LibreOffice with Flatpak / Flathub

To install LibreOffice with Flatpak / Flathub, you can run the following commands.

How to install LibreOffice Alpha / Beta Versions

To install LibreOffice Alpha and Beta versions, simply run the following commands on the terminal.

If We Want to Install Older Versions of LibreOffice.

If you want to download and install all versions of LibreOffice from 2011 to today (Windows, Mac, Linux, DEB, RPM, Portable and Resource), just look at the address below.