How to install Dude?


You can check the Mikrotik Dude installation in our Mikrotik device.
If installed, the following dude package should appear in the command output.

[admin@techsoftcenter-DUDE] >/system package print

Flags: X – disabled
0 dude 6.44.3
1 routeros-arm 6.44.3
2 system 6.44.3
3 X ipv6 6.44.3
4 wireless 6.44.3
5 hotspot 6.44.3
6 dhcp 6.44.3
7 mpls 6.44.3
8 routing 6.44.3
9 ppp 6.44.3
10 security 6.44.3
11 advanced-tools 6.44.3 [/php]

No need to worry. We are downloading the dude package from
six red-drawn files dude server (we will install the Mikrotik device) Client is to install on our computer.

If your Mikrotik RouterOS is older than the version of your device, please update it to the 6.44.3 version or the top version. You can review our articles about version update.

Please note that the Dude package you download will need to be the same as the RouterOS version of your device.


How to install Dude / 3 Dude?

How to install Dude / 3 Dude?

How to install Dude / 3 Dude?
How to install Dude


After downloading the Dude package, we have installed the files part of the Mikrotik device.
Then we’re System / Reboot on our Mikrotik router.

After opening the device, check the print output of the above / system package Dude package must be installed.
If not, please check the individual version and check whether a dude-supported device is available.

If the Dude package looks active, we can now activate the dude service.



When you run the command, the dude will be activated. If Status Running is written, you can now install the dude client on your computer and start defining devices one by one.