How to install Cisco Packet Tracer on ubunt?

The Cisco Packet Tracer’s latest version or desired version is downloaded from the netcad site or you can download it here without having to sign up. (Download for Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2 64-bit Linux) It’s up to you.

Open the terminal by pressing the keyboard from the Ubuntu Terminal (Ctrl + Alt + t) and extract the tar file:


Start the installation from the tar file we opened. And create a directory. Command for the directory.


After extracting the files to the directory, we will enter the directory with the help of the cd command. Then we will do the installation process with the ./install command. When the installation starts, we will see information about the terms of use of the EULA. After first confirming with the Enter key, we will enable us to pass the terms of use quickly by pressing the space key.

Then, after accepting the terms of use and asking us to enter the password to grant root authorization, the following successful installation has been completed after entering them.
We will see the message “Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2 installed successfully“.

We need to see that the program is running when we write a packet tracer in the terminal and press enter, but usually, there are missing files in the libraries and therefore the program may not open. It is also useful to check if there are missing files in the library. Since the installation process is in / opt / pt/bin/ directory, we will go to this directory and run the program with the ./PacketTracer7 command here. If no error message has been received, our program will run.

As seen above, I see that a file named is missing and it is often missing. You can search and find the file name on Google and download it (For those who use Debian / Ubuntu, you can download it from the link here if you want libpng12-0.deb)

I hope it was a useful article.