How to Install Centos Web Panel (CWP Hosting Panel)

There are many compatible panels for Centos operating systems. But most of them are paid. We want to install a free program. For this, we will build a CWP, centos web panel.

Centos web panel is a completely free, up-to-date hosting control panel. You can manage your server from every angle and do a lot of things.

In addition to server administration, you can create a hosting account for your hosting from User accounts -> new accounts.

You can configure DNS in DNS functions.

With Centos Web Panel, Apache, Mysql, PhpMyAdmin, Varnish, Pure-ftpd, Bind, Postfix, Dovecot, CSF comes from each other such beautiful add-ons.

Firstly we are updating yum;

Start Centos Web Panel installation by executing the following commands one by one from ssh:

Installation can take 15 to 30 minutes. The following type of completion information will be displayed after installation. You can note this information:

Install Centos Web Panel (CWP Hosting Panel)
Install Centos Web Panel (CWP Hosting Panel)

After pressing Enter, your server will restart and you can access the centos web panel as follows:

http: // youripaddress: 2030

Web panel login information is the same as your server root and password.

If you cannot access port 2030, you will need to open the port via iptables by executing the following commands:

Below is an image after installation:

CWP Hosting Panel
CWP Hosting Panel



If you change your MySQL root password in the future, centos web panel will give you an error. Open the db connection file with the following command and enter your new root password  $db_pass = ”;  section.