How to Install Android Studio on Linux [4 Method]

With Android Studio, the official IDE of Android, you can develop high-quality Android apps for Android devices. Android Studio hosts the tools required for Android developers.

How to Install Android Studio?


Before you try one of the following installation methods, you need to install java on your computer. You can use the links below to install OpenJDK or Oracle JAVA.


[1. Method] Installation Method on Android Studio’s Site


  1. Download Android Studio for Android version from Android Studio ‘s own site.
  2. Remove the downloaded zip file to a suitable location for your applications (eg / usr / local / or / opt /for shared users ) for your user profile.
  3. To start Android Studio, open the terminal and enter the android-studio /bin/directory and run
  4. A window will appear asking you to import your previous Android Studio settings. Click OK.
  5. The Android Studio Setup Wizard will help guide you through the installation.

Tip: If you want Android Studio to appear in the list of your apps, select Tools> Create> Desktop Launcher from the menu bar of Android Studio.


The libraries required for 64-bit devices:


If you are using 64-bit Ubuntu, you need some 32-bit libraries. To install these libraries, run the following command at the terminal.

If you are using 64-bit Fedora, use the following command.

That is all. If you want to see how the video is setup, you can watch it from this link.
When new tools and APIs are released, Android Studio will notify you by issuing a warning window. click Help > Check for Updates to install the updates.

[2. Method] Installing Android Studio with SNAP


Since Ubuntu Snap started to focus on packages, Snap packages started to be released more and more software. Android Studio is also one of them. Ubuntu users can easily find and install the Android Studio application from the Software Center.
If you encounter an error message while installing from the Software Center, you can use the following snap command for installation.

[3. Method] Installing Android Studio with Ubuntu-Make


To set up Android Studio, run the following commands respectively in the terminal.

After installing Ubuntu-Make, you can install Android Studio with the following command.

Umake, Android SDK and Android tools will download and install all needed. Also added to the desktop icon.

If you want to uninstall Android Studio, you can use the following umake command.

[4. Method] Installing Android Studio Using Unofficial PPAs


I’ve added 2 different PPAs below so you can install Android Studio below. You can choose between two to make the installation.
Note: I haven’t tried the PPAs myself. I have added it as an alternative installation method.

If you want to uninstall Android Studio, install PPA Purge first with the command below if it is not installed.

Then run the following commands in the terminal.