How To Hack Mikrotik Router Admin Password

Tutorial How To Hack Mikrotik Router Admin

You are looking for Admin Mikrotik Tutorial How To Hack? If so, perhaps you are looking for a way to hack your Forgotten Password Mikrotik Mikrotik. Or maybe because you want to enter the admin Mikrotik others? I suggest this number two thing you should not do.

Okay, If You Forgot Password of Mikrotik Router, you can still search for her password by using this way Forgot Username & Password Mikrotik Router? This solution. But if that does not work, there are two final solutions:

1-Reset Mikrotik Router (All configuration and settings will be lost and return to the initial settings)

2-Hack / Crack Mikrotik Router OS Password.

For the first option please reset its Mikrotik accordance with the type of individual that definitely different way.

For the second option, which we will discuss this time. Here we will hack Mikrotik Router the old fashioned way Eg using word lists with Brutus tool. Brutus Tool is probably already familiar to you who brute-forcing in the internet world. With this tool we will guess the username and password what might be used, then this tool will try to automatically login username and password as a predicted it. So we do not need to manually log in multiple times.

Steps How To Hack Mikrotik Router Admin are as Follows:

1-Download tool Brutus Click Here to Download.

2-Extract the downloaded file.

3-Inside the folder extract the contained several .txt files. Open users.txt and words.txt.

4-Enter possibility / forecasts username on Users.txt -> Save


5-Enter the possibilities/password estimates on words.txt -> Save

How to hack Mikrotik Router Admin Password
How to hack Mikrotik Router Admin Password


6-Open tool Brutus:- Target: input the IP address targets that would in the hack

Type: select the authentication type that would be used. In this case, use Telnet.

How to hack Mikrotik Router Admin Password


Authentication Options: User File (Find users.txt file) Pass File (Find words.txt file)

How to hack Mikrotik Router Admin Password
How to hack Mikrotik Router Admin Password


7. Click Start to begin the hack attack.
8. Wait a moment. Long- or attack process depending on the number combination of user and pass used.

9. If the hack is successful, then the results of the proxy username and password will appear in the column Authentication Positive Results.


10. Try to login the Mikrotik Router with the user and pass the results of the earlier hack.


11. In the log and the terminal will display many failed login notifications caused by Brutus attacks.

12. We can remove the log with this trick: How to Eliminate Log Mikrotik Router.

Okay, it’s done. This proxy hack tricks can be a success if it is used to find the username and password are forgotten because we will know the approximate username and password combination that is used so that the chances of success will be greater than if we want to hack Mikrotik Router of others.

Hopefully, Tutorial How to Hack Mikrotik Router using this Brutus helpful 🙂