How to Hack Mikrotik Hotspot Login & in Windows

This article is a continuation of the article I wrote earlier on How to Hack / Hack Hotspot Login Mikrotik & on Linux. After successfully root/hack login Hotspot Mikrotik & in Linux, this time I will discuss similar things on Windows operating system, namely Windows 7 x64.

The steps of hacking the same as before, the difference here I moved the spot to another location and use Windows OS 7. Unlike in Linux Times where all the tools are available, we live use only, in Windows 7 is to stage Scanning wireless client and mac address we need additional applications.

Here I try to use CommView for Wifi application. This app is actually paid, but we just use its evaluation version let it be free.

Okay, just go to the steps How to Hijack / Hack Login Hotspot Mikrotik & in Windows:

1. Download the CommView for WiFi app here.
2. This app will install its own wifi driver, so make sure your WiFi adapter is supported. Check here yes.
3. Install CommView for WiFi -> Open the Application -> Later we are asked to install the driver
4. After the installation is complete, try to scan. The result will appear as shown below:


5. Select one of the targets under AP @ Copy his Mac Address.
6. Open Notepad -> Paste the target mac address. Remove its address delimiter in the form of a colon ‘:’
Copy mac address was to be a mac address of our laptop.

This way I have tried and 100% successfully applied to hotspot @ and Mikrotik Hotspot. It’s just the lack of it when the target user realizes that his internet is so slow even not connect at all, he will try to re-connect and re-login.