How to Get Rid of Hat Annoying Windows 10 pop-up Ad!

Personally, I have nothing against Windows 10.  It seems to be working out quite well for some.  Others are complaining about privacy issues.  In my case, I don’t need to upgrade from Windows 7 as it works very well for me.  I don’t need to upgrade to Windows 10.  The only serious objection I have is that I find it quite presumptuous of Microsoft for placing that little Windows 10 Icon in the bottom right taskbar of my computer without my permission.  And worse, allow its ad to pop up when I log in, WITHOUT the option to turn it off.  There is a matter of principle involved here which to me is the equivalent of malware and spam.

For those who feel the same way as I do, here are the steps for removing the pop up from your taskbar – the easy and non-registry non-intrusive way.

Note that the pop-up has been installed via Windows Update KB3035583.  The key to removing the popup is to uninstall KB3035583 and here’s how to do it.

  • Type “Windows Update” in the Search Box of your Start Menu.
  • Click on the “View Update History” link.
  • Give Windows a few minutes to load all of the updates.  It will take a while.
  • Once the updates have been uploaded navigate to the search box at the top right of the Window.
  • Copy and paste “KB3035583” in the search box.
  • Right click on “KB3035583” and select “uninstall”.
  • Then follow the prompts to “Restart now” and restart the computer.
  • It will take a while for the computer to shut down and restart so give it some time.
  • In my case when the computer restarted the Windows 10 icon in the bottom right-hand corner of my taskbar was gone.
  • It’s not the end yet though as of course the update is still there – except not installed.  And if one is on automatic updates it can still be re-installed. So we need a few extra steps to make this a little less possible for happening.
  • Go back to the “Windows Update” Window and click on “Check for Updates”.  It will take some time for it to search for the updates, so give it a while.
  • KB3035582 will likely appear as an “Important” update still to be loaded.  Right-click KB3035582 and select “Hide Update”.

That should take care of the problem in theory – unless Microsoft bundles up its popup ad or other “upgrade” surprises in other Trojan updates.  Some people with serious anti-Windows 10 concerns like to take it a few steps further with completely deleting the update from their computer system with GWX.exe.  I personally don’t feel the need for it as I don’t have huge anti-Windows 10 views.  My concern is just to get rid of the pesky pop-up as much as I can.  And if at any time I should change my mind the update will still be there if I want to re-install it.  To be honest, I’m also reluctant to fiddle with my computer registry.  I don’t mind going into the registry myself, but I’m not as trusting of some of the anti-malware scripts that are doing the rounds and like to get into the registries of computers.  I’d say if one goes the GWX route to make doubly sure that the software is from a reputable source.