How to Get Automatic Backup with Mikrotik Configuration via FTP

We may want to back up the configuration of our Mikrotik device to the FTP server at regular intervals, we would like to show you a short and beautiful script that we can use for this.
You can run this script system schedule according to a time that we will determine and save your configuration backup on your FTP server according to the following parameters. By doing this periodically, we will ensure that we receive regular backup.

Backup the saveUserDB Usermanager Database (true / false )
saveSysBackup System Backup (true / false)
EncryptSysBackup System Backup Get encrypted (true / false)
Export saveRawExport System Backup (true / false)

true = yes
False = No

FTPServer Ftp Server Name
FTPPort Ftp Server Port
FTPUser FTP Username
FTPPass FTP Password

As shown in the screenshot below, we open the system scheduler and paste the code below.


I hope it has been a useful article.