How To Fix Unable To Run Google Chrome as a Root Error in Linux

This problem is most frequently seen in many Linux distributions such as Kali Linux, Backtrack and many others.

The error message is:

Google Chrome can not be run as root. Please start Google Chrome as a normal user. To run as root, you must specify alternate –user-data-dir for storage of profile information.”

If you are running Ubuntu then you don’t need to worry about this error, because in Ubuntu you are not logged in as root. read this article to know how to install chrome in Ubuntu.

But, this problem can be easily fixed by adding a simple command in the executable file of Google Chrome.

1. First, you need to find the directory where your Google Chrome is installed. In most of the cases, it is


Run Google Chrome as a Root Error in Linux

2. After finding this directory you need to open the executable shell script “google-chrome” with a text editor such as gedit or gvim or leafpad.

3. After opening it add this simple line in the google-chrome file


Run Google Chrome as a Root Error in Linux

4. After adding this line hit the CTRL+S to save changes.

Now you can run Google Chrome without any errors if you are still facing any problem regarding this article then leave your comments below.

I hope it was a useful article.