How to Factory Reset D-Link DES-3200 Switch User Password And Configuration?

For example, we will reset the D-Link DES-3200-16 Switch configuration and password; The reset process is the same for other DES-3200 models.

For this, the necessary putty program (you can download it from here) and a console connection in a switch and PC connection are required.


Connect the Switch console to the computer with the cable. Run the PuTTY program, select the serial, check the serial COM computer management, set the speed of 9600, click “Open“, from here the putty window will open.


You can use Minicom on Linux operating systems.
Connect the console to the switch, in the window that opens, information about the switch should appear, press Shift+6 several times until recovery mode starts.

You can use the following commands in recovery mode.

  • View information of existing users:

Reset the password of the desired account:

If we want to delete all accounts we use the following command:

If we want to reset the Switch to factory settings:

After resetting your account or password, simply reboot the device:

Once the switch is restarted, if all accounts are deleted, simply press “Enter” at the login and password prompt. The default user is admin, the password is not.

I hope it was a useful article.