How to Easily Setting Mikrotik Using Android via Webfig

Webfig is one of the features on Mikrotik that we can use for Mikrotik Settings on Android via Web Browser. By using Webfig, we can configure Mikrotik without Winbox, but still presents Graphical User interface (GUI) display so that it is easy to use for Mikrotik settings.

Webfig can be used in almost any gadget that has a web browser. Webfig is very easy to use for setting Mikrotik on Android, Linux, MacOS, and other Operating System that can not use Winbox.

On Android itself there are several ways to remotely Mikrotik, as I’ve discussed in the previous article about:

1. How to Setting Mikrotik in Android using Winbox Android
2. How to Remote Mikrotik Using SSH on Android

The two ways above we can use for setting Mikrotik on Android, but there are some weaknesses and shortcomings of both ways. Starting from just using the command line for SSH, up to the limited menu on the Winbox Android app.

Well, to overcome these limitations we can use Webfig, where the use of Webfig on Android is very easy and practical because it does not need to install additional applications. We just use the Web browser that is already on Android to access Webfig and remotely Mikrotik.
Okay, enough of his preamble, before getting stale let’s go to his Mikrotik Tutorial.
1. Make sure your WiFi Mikrotik is on and can be accessed by Android.

2. Connect Android to Wifi Mikrotik.

3. Open Web Browser on Android.

4. Enter the Mikrotik IP address in the Address Bar Browser.

Web Browser on Android
Web Browser on Android

5. The Webfig page will appear and ask us to enter the Mikrotik Login data.

6. Enter Mikrotik Username and Password -> Click Login

7. After successful login, we can configure Mikrotik easily using this Webfig.

 Mikrotik easily using this Webfig
Mikrotik Webfig


8. Congratulations, now you can Set Mikrotik easily without the need to bother using Laptop / PC: D

Okay, just so much Mikrotik Tutorial on How to Easily Setting Mikrotik Using Android via Webfig. Good luck and hopefully useful.