How To Download And Install Chromium In Ubuntu

Here I’m not talking about a chemical element I’m talking about a web browser. Google’s Chromium is an open source web browser. Google Chrome the famous web browser draws his source code form Google Chromium.

In the past I have shared How to install Google Chrome In Ubuntu 12. You can also watch this video tutorial to know how to install Google Chrome In Ubuntu.
Google chromium has taken his name from Chemical elements Chromium, the metal from which the chrome plating is made. So it is clear from its name that Google Chromium is the raw material used for creating the original source code of Google Chrome.

You can read more about Google Chrome And Google Chromium on Wikipedia.

To install Chromium you can run a simple command in the terminal which will automatically install chromium browser. Given below is the command that you can tun in terminal and install Chromium

sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

After running this simple command in terminal, you will see that Google Chromium is installed on your Ubuntu.
In some versions of google chrome, You might face some error regarding to running it as as a root. TO Fix error please read Unable to run Google Chrome as root.