How to Design a Computer Game

Are you tired of spending money on the latest games only to find out they are too easy or boring? Are you seeing the same game launched over and over again but with a separate revamp each time and you just want to sell them online? Then maybe you should try to create your own game!

You don’t have to be a computer wizard or work in some vast studio with hundreds of other geeks to design a game. These days there’s an app for everything, even if you have no experience with coding development. Game making tools will look after the technical stuff while you sit down and create. So if there is a game you want to play, here’s how to make it yourself.

Start with an idea

Start at the beginning with an idea for a game. It should feel like a story that has a goal at the end. You could be looking for treasure, a criminal on the run or even trying to catch a bus that you keep missing for a variety of reasons. It can be based on something you have read or a film you have seen.


Skyboarding and details

The next step is to create a set of drawings that represent each level of the game. This is called skyboarding and is really just the first draft of your story. Start with about five or six frames to keep things simple. Then fill in the details on each frame such as the game characters skills or the kinds of enemies he may fight. Think of his personality. The character cold look tough or make jokes, he could have a huge mane of hair or he could be bald. Maybe there’s someone from an old game whose character you would like to build up in a different direction. If so, before you press the ‘sell my Nintendo 3DS console’ button at that online marketplace, take another look at it for a bit of inspiration. Don’t worry if the drawings begin to look untidy. That’s how stories are created.


Once all the details are ready, write them down in the form of a script, called a design document. This will help you to work out how the steps in the game should follow each other and to check they make sense. There’s always a possibility that you change your mind as you work through all of the details. You can add some suspense at various points in the game, or even some traps for the character. Don’t expect your first game to be a work of art, just do the best possible and keep things simple. This will be the first model that you will be able to build on in the future.


Once the game is worked out, choose a simple tool that will teach you the basics of programming. There are also some simple online sources for sounds and graphics. Fit them in and you have made your first movie, even if it is a straightforward computer game